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BladeMill Skating Treadmill

Skating Treadmill Data Sheet
THE BladeMill Skating Treadmill is the original and category definer in its market. It changed the way skating training is thought of, and brings skating to dryland where real ice rental and cost is no longer a barrier to teams and skaters improvement.



Skating Treadmill Analysis       

Uses and Applications

     -  For endurance, strength, and technical advancement and overall conditioning of all skaters at all levels

     -  To develop better skating mechanics and a more technically proficient stride

-  For recreational, amateur and professional skating teams

-  Speed, hockey and figure skating clubs and associations

     -  Schools and universities who foster intramural skating teams                                                                  

     -  Physio centres for rehabilitation and disabled persons

     -  Dryland training facilities

     -  Ice-skating arenas

     -  Fitness environments

Features Include

     -  Exclusive THE BladeMill Skating Treadmill training programs with purchase of machine

     -  The Only Treadmill with stainless steel motor, reducer and drive shafts

-  10 HP variable speed belt drive motor

-   Quietest machine on the market

     -  Capable of transitioning between a child and a Sumo wrestler with no track hesitation

     -  Oil embedded UHMWPE synthetic skating surface creates a thin boundary layer between the blade and skate deck for authentic ice feel

     -  Puck deck inclines simultaneously with skate deck

     -  The included gantry with HarnessHalo allows for up to 5 skaters to cycle safely and without interruption

     -  Fastest calibrated speed of any skating treadmill worldwide

     -  Unique rip, tear and stretch resistant endless belt

     -  Longest warranty of all machines

     -  Optional custom colour framing and skating surface

     -  Optional custom colour framing and skating surface SpeedForce R.O.P.E.S. resistance training system, to ‘balance’ skater’s legs

     -  Other options include standing platform; hand-held resistance,  speed and incline control monitor; ceiling mounted HarnessHalo

     -  Developed with the assistance of dozens of specialist worldwide, including Dr. Bob Ward, a world leading sports scientist.



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