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The History of the BladeMill® by EamaSports

In the 90’s, based on conveyor and food processing machine technology, a treadmill for a young player to skate on was designed – and eventually a prototype was built.

While this proto type remained in a warehouse for personal use, the idea of marketing such a machine was conceived and a relationship was entered into between two professional hockey players and the engineer.

Unfortunately for everyone, the relationship between the two players fell into disrepair, resulting in the dissolution of the marketing arrangement and the skating treadmill remained under wraps, continually being re-engineered for a growing boy with a view to, perhaps, one day being commercially available.

In 2004 this personal machine, dubbed “Fastrak” was sold to a local dryland facility to be used as a conditioning tool by the engineer’s son’s hockey team, generating a lot of excitement and market buzz.

In 2006 the engineer was approached to manufacture the Fastrak under a private label , for exclusive sale by a third party, which he rejected in hopes of selling the machine himself at one point. This decision eventually led to 2 companies marketing their versions of skating treadmills. One product is based on the Fastrak’s design and the other being a converted running treadmill.

In mid-2008, fielding many calls for his Fastrak, and having yet again rejected requests to private label his design for two separate companies, the engineer undertook to build a new business exclusively to provide access to not only this skating treadmill, but other uniquely engineered skating-related products such as the MobileRink®, SnipePad®, ExtremePad® and LazerNet® etc.

In September 2008 the work on branding EamaSports started. The choosing of logos, product names, url’s , creating copy, data sheets and the building of Web sites on which to post this information completed early December 2008 - at which time the process of marketing and securing exclusive country representatives and local agent representatives began.

EamaSports products are currently installed in Finland, California, Boston, Chicago and Ontario, with the sales and delivery process at various stages in several key markets in Canada , the US. and Europe. It is comforting to know our original concept, design and technology is wide-spread – albeit imitation. But as we affectionately say,

“Just because you can buy raw chicken, bread crumbs and spices, doesn’t mean you’ll pull Kentucky Fried out of the oven.”

Investment has totalled over $250k over 11 years, resulting in EamaSports market-leading skating treadmill, now aptly renamed the BladeMill - a machine with patent pending technology, by which all others are measured. The skating treadmill spec analysis as seen online and commissioned by EamaSports confirms that.

A video of the BladeMill is accessible on our site. Others are on the Web well, all promoting the values of this technology. Professional videos of the BladeMill, as well as other EamaSports manufactured products, will be posted upon filming new product installation at facilities currently under construction.

I hope you enjoyed this short trip down memory lane and look forward to having you as part of our future.

Here’s to good business.

Frank Florindo C.E.O. / President

EamaSports Inc. 5165 Everest Drive, Mississauga, ON Canada L4W 2R2 www.blademillcanada.com



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